03 Mart 2020

has been providing service for approximately one and a half years, as one of the Dışkapı training and research hospital local center.

Our  clinic trys to be able to meet the rapidly increasing population, which is open to new settlement potential.The working hours : from 7:30 to 17:00.

Our  clinic is based on the laboratory and works in coordination with our hospital and provides examination or control services to approximately 350 patients a day.

In our clinic, three rigestery staff welcoming the patients with a smiling face and six specialist doctors, a rontgen and a lab technician and three nurses.We try  make an effort to be in the class of polyclinics with the least complaints.

Internal medicine, physical therapy. Family medicine (2), neurologist, pediatrics, Mon, Wed, Friday, alternating chest diseases, Diabetes education and baby breastfeeding departments are open to service.We are working on  to put our eye, skin, gynecology and dental units into service soon.

Daily results are obtained by sending examinations to be performed in the hospital .There are all kinds of laboratory equipment necessary for the first aid of blood collection, first aid is available. Ekg, injection, electro shock ,oxygen masking is kept ready to be used when necessary.For : Mrg ,Ultrasound, emg and  eeg exams we  send the patients to our main hospital.

Address: Karahöyük cad. Marketplace entrance no 185 last stop Şentepe

Phone Number: (312) 330 69 97