25 Şubat 2020


In our hospital, there are 23 operating rooms, 3 Postoperative Recovery Units, and a 12-bed 3rd step Reanimation Unit physically divided into 6-6 beds.

(Intensive Care), 1 bed with dialysis unit, 1 Algology Clinic operating room, 2-bed Algology Clinic Service. In addition, our clinic transfers patients to the operating rooms before the operation and to the bed units after the operation.

Anesthesiology Clinic provides services in all branches and to the 23 operating rooms with the  all modern anesthesia methods

Also Anesthesiology and Reanimation Clinic has  one “non-operating room anesthesia”  team . Anesthesia applications for magnetic resonance imaging, interventional procedures with angiography, cardiological procedures with angiography, gastroenterological endoscopic procedures, and psychiatric procedures are performed with this team.

Our Reanimation Unit team is one of the main parts of the emergency resuscitation team, and also responds to the central catheterization and mechanical ventilation follow-up needs requested throughout the hospital.