25 Şubat 2020

Work area :

Clinical Biochemistry is a science that examines the organization and functions of biological systems in human organism at the molecular level. It forms the basis of medicine and provides the main aid to other departments by conducting biochemical analysis in blood, urine and body fluids that guide the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Management of Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory:

 It covers all the details required for doing all tests requested and performed by the clinics correctly and at the most appropriate time. It requires a detailed and meticulous workspace in all steps. The chief assistant, specialists and technicians working in the clinical biochemistry laboratories are obliged to carry out all the examinations and analyzes related to their units. They are responsible for the conservation of medical equipment, tools, materials and chemicals and all fixtures in their laboratories, as well as on-site and economical use of consumer materials.

The department consists of 2 parts: Emergency Biochemistry and Routine Biochemistry Units. 2 biochemistry autoanalysers, 2 cardiac tests autoanalysers, 2 hemogram devices, 2 coagulation devices, 2 urine analyzers, 2 blood gas devices, 2 deionized water devices, 1 procalcitonin measurement device and 3 centrifuges in the Emergency Biochemistry laboratory.

In the Routine Biochemistry Laboratory, there are 3 hormone autoanalysers and 1 biochemistry autoanalyser, and these work depending on the preanalytical system. In addition, 1 tube sorting device, 3 hemogram devices, 2 coagulation devices, 3 sedimentation devices, 3 ion-exchangehigh-performanceliquidchromatography (IE-HPLC) devices, 1 vitamin D analyzer, 1 osmometer device for HbA1c measurement, There are 2 deionized water devices and 5 centrifuges.

In the İskitler Building : 1 hemogram device, 1 blood gas device, 1 urine device and 1 centrifuge; 1 strip reader urine device and 1 centrifuge in Şentepe district polyclinic: Urine device with 1strip reader 1 centrifuge . in Hasköy district polyclinic: Urine device with 1strip reader 1 centrifuge. in Pursaklar district clinic :Urine device with 1strip reader 1 centrifuge .in Anıttepe polyclinic has 1 strip reader urine device, 1 centrifuge and hemogram device.