25 Şubat 2020

When the patient comes to the clinic;

a.  Clinical secretary: It records the patient's file information (name, surname, protocol, date of  hospitalization) and sends the patient to the nurse in charge.

b.  Nurse: From the patient and the patient's relatives, the nurse fills in the anamnesis form, records the patient's vital signs, determines the bed, explains the service rules. In addition, the nurse is responsible for daily blood collection, food monitoring, drug delivery, behavior monitoring, and morning visits.

c.  Clinical Doctors:  takes an anamnesis from the patient and / or relatives, and makes emergency medications if necessary. If the patient's condition is not urgent, the advice of the inpatient physician is taken and the treatment of the patient is arranged. Routine laboratory examinations of the patient are requested. The prognosis of the disease is followed. A daily note is taken in the file about the patient's condition. Difficulties in diagnosis and treatment are realized twice a week with the participation of specialists.

Youth Unit and Outpatient Treatment Unit

Adolescents aged 14-24 apply to the adolescent outpatient clinic.

In the Outpatient Clinic, patients who need regular follow-up or special intervention (psychotherapy, family counseling-therapy, etc.) are directed.

Assistant doctor: Psychiatric examination of the patient is performed. The responsible specialist is consulted, treated and, if necessary, directed to the psychologist for psychological tests. Difficulties in diagnosis and treatment are evaluated at the diagnosis treatment board once a week.

Clinical psychologist: gives the patient the necessary psychological tests and provides consultancy service to the necessary patients.


Youth Unit

Youth Unit was founded In 1983, by  Assoc . Dr. Haluk ÖZBAY. Assoc. Dr. Sibel Örsel continues to serve  between the ages of 14-24 with a psychiatrist, two psychiatric assistants and a psychologist. Our unit, which provides  outpatient service, has a daily patient capacity of approximately 50 patients. the vast majority of these are first applications and some of them are controls. We work with the appointment system after the interview and evaluation, which takes about 30 minutes. Emergency cases and patients who apply to our unit for the first time are immediately evaluated. When it is deemed necessary in terms of diagnosis and treatment, the diagnosis and treatment board held on Wednesday every week is evaluated and treated. In our hospital psychiatry service, inpatient diagnosis and treatment can be performed when necessary.

Youth Psychiatry is concerned with the examination, identification, classification, treatment and protection of the conditions in the mental, emotional abilities, behaviors and environmental compliance of the young person. Apart from adolescence problems in the Youth Unit, the diagnosis of psychiatric diseases that started during adolescence, identification of psychological problems specific to adolescence, differentiation from other physical diseases, family and individual counseling, drug therapy and / or counseling therapy to continue psychotherapy, psychological counseling therapy in specific diseases , group therapy (such as exam anxiety, social phobia, OCD), sexual therapy, psychodrama, family therapy services are provided.

Outpatient Treatment Unit

The need for outpatient services was born for the first time in the 1950s. This outpatient model was needed because of the outpatient planning and follow-up of the treatment of chronic patients who did not need to stay in the hospital for a long time and to apply psychotherapy methods that could not be applied due to time in the outpatient clinic conditions. These patients are evaluated with the same team and a trust-based relationship is established, and patients are compliant with treatment.

In this model, psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, mood disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety disorders are followed and treated. In addition, treatment is performed in specific areas such as sleep disorders, eating disorders and sexual dysfunction. It is aimed to reduce the exacerbation and recurrence rates of the disease, to be an alternative to hospitalization and to shorten the length of hospitalization by improving the treatment cooperation with the patients in the Outpatient Units. Coping with stubborn symptoms during the treatment process and teaching to live with them, involving people from the family or immediate environment in the treatment relationship and improving the quality of life of the person as a whole are other targets.

In the Outpatient Treatment Unit of our clinic, psychiatrists and assistant doctors serve together with the psychologist. According to the treatment plan, drug treatment, individual and group psychotherapies, individual and family counseling services are provided.

Emergency Service and Consultation

Consultations requested from the emergency department and other clinical units are evaluated by the senior assistant doctors together with the consultant specialist of the day, as determined monthly.

Health Council

Patients who apply to the health board.The delegation makes a decision about the patient as a result of the psychiatric examination and anamnesis taken or receives clinical monitoring by hospitalization with the controversial patients.The patient, who is evaluated, is referred to the health committee for the decision by writing the results of epicrisis, psychological and laboratory tests, psychiatric examination  and diagnosis.