18 Şubat 2020

Vascular Interventional operations:

1. Diagnostic Angiography: All non-cardiac organs and extremities, cerebral vessels

2. Treatment of artery or vein stenosis or obstruction: balloon-stent


3. Thoracic aorta, Abdominal aortic aneurysm treatment:

4. In thoracic aortic dissections (vascular wall rupture).

5. Embolization processes

6. Aneurysm, arteriovenous malformation or obstruction of bleeding focus.

7. Treatment of under-operated or stopped fistulas in hemodialysis patients:

8. Providing peripheral or central vascular access (tunneled, tunnelless catheters and subcutaneous port application.

9. Vena cava filter installation

10. Portal vein, hepatic vein interventions

11. Foreign body removal procedures from the vascular system.

Nonvascular interventional operations:

1. Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography, biliary drainage and stent, cholecystostomy:

2. Radiofrequency

3. Biopsy: (All organs, bone, lymph node)

4. Nonvascular procedures of the urogenital system:

Percutaneous nephrostomy, antegrade double j stent placement, Percutaneous symptomatic kidney cyst sclerotherapy.

5. Percutaneous stent applications in percutaneous gastrostomy, gastrojegenostomy, jegenostomy, esophagus, duodenum pathologies.

6. Ganglion (nerve cell) blockages. (With CT, US or fluoroscopy).

7. Diagnostic and therapeutic interventions in uterine or fallopian tube pathologies.

8. Abscess, empyema, seroma, bilioma, lymphocele drainage and its treatment.

9. Non-surgical percutaneous treatment of hydatid cyst lesions in liver, lung or intraabdominal-extremities. (Appropriate patient selection is required for these procedures).

Neuro-interventional operations:

1. Treatment of intracerebral or carotid artery acute embolism (stroke) by thrombolysis and mechanical methods.

2. PTA-Stent for carotid and cerebral arteries

3. Preoperative or tumor embolizations

MRI devices within the Radiology Clinic of our hospital

In addition to routine examinations with 4 1.5 Tesla MRI devices:

MRI cholangiography

MRI urography

MRI enterography

ECG triggered cardiac imaging

CSF current study

the diffusion



Advanced MRI examinations such as functional MRI are performed.

IT devices within the Radiology Clinic of our hospital

In addition to routine examinations, the following examinations are carried out with 3-dimensional imaging systems, as well as routine examinations with 1 16-section in the emergency unit, 1 4-section in the İskitler district polyclinic, and 1 128-section computerized imaging unit in the Central Imaging Unit.

1- Coronary calcium scoring CT

2-Cardiac bt angiography

3-Neck-brain bt angiography

4-Upper-lower exremite bt angiography

5-Pulmonary, trocal and abdominal aorta bt angiography

6-Virtual bronscopy

7-Nodule scanning (thorax bt.amphysema imaging)

8-Dynamic abdomen bt (kc, pancreatic kidney, surrenal)

9-CT urography

10-CT enterography

11-Extremity 3D imaging

In the Breast Unit of our Hospital, Radiology Clinic With digital mammography, Color Doppler USG, breast scans for cancer, biopsy and drainage procedures accompanied by imaging from suspicious masses and abscesses, and stereotaxic breast markings by wire for advanced surgical operations.

In the Color Doppler Unit within the Radiology Clinic of our hospital

Doppler examinations for all extremities and organs, perforating vein Doppler examination for lower extremity venous insufficiency and US elastography for thyroid and neck masses are performed within 30 minutes in the polyclinic ultrasonography unit.

In the Hospital and the IVP Unit within the Radiology Clinic of our hospital

All kinds of gastrointestinal examinations, fistulographies, posographies, sialography and urinary system examinations are performed.

Our Hospital is in the Emergency USG Unit within the Radiology Clinic.

The examinations of the patients who apply from the emergency clinic are performed at the time of application. Inpatients also provide USG service within 2 days. due to the quality of service.