25 Şubat 2020

There are 40 patient beds, 2 cystoscopy rooms, 1 USG and Biopsy room on the 3rd floor of the D block of our hospital. In F block we have a urodynamics laboratory.

There are 4 operating rooms belonging to urology in the 3rd floor operating room.

There are 3 urology outpatient clinic rooms on the 2nd floor in the Dışkapı Central Polyclinic building . In addition there are other 3 urology outpatient clinics in the Mevki Building policlinic belonging to the health committee clinic. Also, we have an ESWL unit in the Dışkapı Central polyclinic building.

The following operations are performed in our hospital:

• Classical surgeries (Kidney, urinary tract, bladder, prostate, testicular diseases)

• Laparoscopic surgeries (Kidney and prostate)

Percutaneous stone surgery (Kidney stones)

• Endoscopic surgeries (semi rigid and flexible) (Bladder and prostate diseases, urinary tract stones)

Radical surgeries (Prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer)

• Infertility (Infertility treatment) varicocele surgery

Prostate biopsy (with USG)

• Kidney transplant surgeries


Our polyclinics serve between 08: 00-12: 00 and 13: 00-17: 00. In our service at Between the hours of 07: 00-09:00, a morning visit is held with the participation of educational staff, specialist and assistant doctors and floor nurses. Necessary operations are carried out in our operating room between 08:00 and 16:00.

Consultations from other clinics and calls from the emergency room are made with assistant doctors under the supervision of a consultant specialist doctors


Training seminars are held every Thursday between 15:00 and 17:00 by the urology clinic and literature hours are held every day.


We are one of the most experienced clinics in Europe, where percutaneous kidney surgery and flexible renoscopy are used in the treatment of kidney stones.

We can perform all kinds of laparoscopic urological surgery operations.