27 Şubat 2020

History of Our Hospital:

In order to gather all employees' safety under one roof.Social Insurance Institution was established . after a while, it also aimed to provide health services to its employees and their families. Therefore, establishment of modern health facilities belonging to the institution has become mandatory. For this purpose in 1954, thirty two acres of land, known as Dışkapı Baba Harman area, were rented from Ankara municipality. The hospital building wich was laid in 1957, was put into service on 25.06.1964 by the working minister of the period, Bülent Ecevit, with a bed capacity of “300”.Our hospital has faced a very intense demand since its opening. To respone all these demand and services new units were be adding  over time in order to improve the quality, increased bed capacity,  teaching the new assistants as well as patients treatment, Our hospital which is a home of a variety of research in the field of health, has become one of the largest hospitals in Turkey. In 1996, the Etlik District Polyclinic was opened to service by the Prime Minister of the time, Necmettin Erbakan, with  sixty polyclinic rooms in a modern building built on his own land, in addition to the outpatient services provided in Dışkapı. With the renewed emergency room, it has become one of the hospitals in Ankara that provides emergency services to the largest number of patients.

In 2005, with the aim of removing the Social Security Institution and gathering all security institutions under one roof, Dışkapı Ankara Hospital was transferred to the Ministry of Health (S.B), just like other S.S.K hospitals.

After this date, the hospital name was changed to S.B Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Training and Research Hospital. The hospital has grown even further with the various district polyclinics and by opened  new  forty-eight polyclinics inside it. Currently, except for 11 outpatient clinic rooms in the As Dışkapı hospital, we serve in 8 different centers.

Currently, our daily number of patients is Monday 9800 Friday 7500. The number of our doctors is 754, the number of our nurses and midwives is 685 and our other employees are 1606 people.

Our number of beds is 779, the intensive care bed is 79, the number of operating rooms is 29, and our qualified bed rate is @ (1 or 2-bed wc and en-suite room).

after 2005 the hospital entered a modern structure,Sequential and LCD screens were installed in the polyclinics, thus the adverse conditions caused by excessive congestion and crowd were largely eliminated. The existing dental polyclinic has been renewed, the youth center , sleep center has been opened, public relations and patient rights units have been established, and to assist patient and their relatives, host and hostesses started to work for patient guidance and patient support, and social deficiencies were largely eliminated. In addition to all these, a new and modern dialysis unit, stone breaking unit, angiography unit algology (pain treatment center) and acupuncture polyclinics were added  . S.B Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Hospital for Training and Research is a candidate to sign more services through its innovative historical vision and high quality that it has witnessed since 1964.