25 Şubat 2020

 Inside  the Neurosurgery clınıc there are:43 beds, 32 services, 6 intensive care, 5 intermediate intensive care (PAKU), The angiography unit, where 3 operating rooms and 1 endovascular diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are performed, Also  3 polyclinic units.  14 experts, 15 assistants, 11 service nurses, 8 service staff, 6 intermediate intensive care nurses, 4 intermediate intensive care staff, 12 intensive care nurses, 9 intensive care staff, 3 operating room nurses, 2 surgical technicians, 7 of whom are in the education staff. Continuously serves with 2 neuroendovascular therapy nurses, 1 radiology technician and 3 clinical secretaries. Pediatric age admitted to the pediatric hospital, including brain, spinal cord and spine pathology, and requiring surgical treatment, is consulted by us and their treatments are carried out in coordination and integrated with the child departments.

In our clınıc we serve between 08.00-17.00 hours during working hours in our polyclinics and health board outpatient clinic. The clinic and radiological images of each patient who is hospitalized for treatment and planned to be discharged for the treatment following the visit of our patients hospitalized at 08.30 every day, intermediate intensive care, intensive care, and pediatric hospital are evaluated by the council.

Endocrine and Metabolism clinic and pituitary pathology council, skull base pathologies council organized jointly with ENT-Radiology clinics are held routinely every week. The training activities, which are prepared and presented by experts and assistants during the training hours every week in our clinic, continue in winter and summer periods, with case reports, literature follow-up, and mortality-morbidity meetings. Participation in courses, seminars, regional and national scientific meetings is encouraged.

Our assistants and specialists complete their world-class training by participating in domestic and international felow programs. Our clinic is an accredited clinic for the Turkish Neurosurgical Society training program.

Our operating rooms serve between 08.00-16.00 for elective cases. Every day a consultant and an emergency guard specialist look at consultations and emergency cases. All kinds of brain, spinal cord and spinal diseases requiring surgical treatment are treated at the world standards with modern surgical equipment. Emergency cases requiring surgery can be accepted to the operating room at any time of the day and their treatment can be done on time and completely. Our operating rooms have a highly advanced surgical microscope, navigation device, stereotaxy frame for stereotactic neurosurgery applications, scope, endoscopic unit for endoscopic brain surgery. In addition, we have a DSA device that we use therapeutic and diagnostic procedures in our neuroendovascular therapy unit. In our clinic endoscopic neurosurgical surgeries performed in few centers in Turkey, deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's and other movement disorders (DBS) procedures, advanced spinal surgery applications, by-pass such advanced neurovascular which are closed roads treatment of cerebral vascular disease with surgical procedures  therapy applications done successfully.