25 Şubat 2020

Our clinic was founded in the same year that  Dışkapı SSK hospital was established  1964, by Clinic Chief Dr.  İbrahim Badal. Then Dr. Memduh Hızal served, Dr. Fatma Eskioğlu and Dr. Rüstem Şaşmaz  continued  serving  and educating in our clinic and trained many assistants. We commemorate our non-surviving teachers who have contributed to our clinic with mercy and those who are alive with respect and love.

In our clinic, there are still 3 associate professors and 1 chief assistant staff, one of whom is education and administrative responsible. In addition, a total of 5 specialist doctors, one of whom is on unpaid leave, and 7 assistant doctors, two of whom are on unpaid leave, are on duty. Our clinic has 1 responsible nurse, 4 service nurses,   7 nurses, 2 secretaries and 2 personnel, 1 PUVA and 1 operation nurse.

As the Skin and Venereal Diseases clinic, we serve our patients with our inpatient and outpatient clinics. The inpatient service of our clinic is located in the Mevki  Building and has a capacity of 16 beds. In the Mevki  building, there are also a PUVA room, laser and cosmetic unit.

Our clinic has 3 center polyclinics, one in the Private Polyclinic in the center of H / (H block), 2 outpatient clinics in the Mevki  and one in Hasköy and Pursaklar. Our total daily number of patients is 550-600 patients.

In our private polyclinic located in Dışkapı H block, chronic, follow-up diseases such as Psoriasis (psoriasis), Behçet's disease, Mycosis Fungoides, Autoimmune Bullous Diseases (pemphigus, bullous pemphigoid) and Hydraadenitis Supurativa are followed up by the system.

In our intervention room in Dışkapı B Block the following are carried out :

Skin biopsy



Intralesional injection

Mushroom search

 Tzanck smear

Wood light inspection

 Pathergy test

Patch test applications  


In our place in Mevki  Building :

Darband UVB, PUVA treatment and Local PUVA applications are performed in the phototherapy unit.

In the laser unit the patients with vascular lesions are treated with ND  laser technology

In addition, nail extraction, nail bed revision, nevus and cyst excision, and excisional and incisional skin biopsy are performed in our clinic.

Also in our cosmetic unit :

Needle and needle-free mesotherapy (hair loss, facial rejuvenation, spot treatment, scar treatment, regional thinning and cellulite treatment)

PRP (platelet-rich plasma; facial rejuvenation and hair loss)

Botilinum toxin operations (sweating, rejuvenation, wrinkle prevention)

Dermapen - Dermaroller operations:

Nevus  can be followed with the computerized dermatoscopy unit.

In addition, nail removal, nail bed revision, nevus and cyst excision, and excisional and incisional skin biopsy are performed in our clinic.