25 Şubat 2020


There are 3 outpatient clinics in Dışkapı Center belonging to our clinic. In addition,  5 in Mevki District Polyclinic, 2 in Hasköy District Polyclinic and 1 in Şentepe District Polyclinic. We have a 28-bed service belonging to the Internal Medicine Clinic.


Unlike other specialties, Internal Medicine specialization Multisystem is the widest area of medicine, in which adult and geriatric patients with chronic diseases have problems, outpatient and / or inpatient diagnosis and treatment and monitoring. Most of the health services in our country are carried out by Internal Medicine specialists. Nowadays and in the future, where the life expectancy is getting longer and therefore the geriatric population is increasing, the duties and responsibilities of the Internal Medicine specialists are gradually increasing. In our own clinic, our aim is to provide the highest level of patient care in the light of current scientific data and to train highly qualified doctors.

In our clinical workflow, polyclinics open at 08:00. Outpatient services are provided between 08:00 and 17:00. The examination of the patients is carried out by the attending doctor. The examinations requested by the specialist doctor are evaluated and hospitalization, consultation or home treatment is recommended according to the results. Specialist doctors work in all district polyclinics. In addition, an assistant doctor is working with the specialist doctor at the Dışkapı central polyclinic.

The hospitalized patient is hospitalized and sent to the service. Here, a file is prepared by the service secretary and the assistant who will follow the patient is given to the doctor. The assistant doctor prepares the patient, informs him about the disease, informs the clinician after receiving his consent forms. The patient is examined by a specialist, and his follow-up and treatment is regulated. The treatment of the patient is arranged by the doctor and is carried out by the nurses. Nurse preliminary assessment form is filled and the file is prepared. The examinations requested by the doctor are requested from the computer by the doctor. The examinations are taken by the nurse and sent to the relevant laboratory. The drugs to be applied are requested by the doctor from the computer. Medicines are taken and administered by the nurse at the pharmacy.

The hours of the staff working in the clinic starts at 08.00. Each assistant doctor examines and evaluates their own patient every morning before the visit; then consults with the senior assistant. At 09:30,a service visit is made with the service responsible specialist. After the visit, the determined requests and examinations of each patient are followed by their responsible assistant.

There is a separate senior internal medicine assistant who takes care of the emergency department patients and in addetion there is an internal medicine specialist. Senior assistant and specialist doctor look at the consultations requested from the emergency; They organize their follow-up and treatment together. In the afternoon, the new inpatients and the patient procedures spoken in the morning visit are carried out. Literature studies related to the follow-up and treatment of the patients are given emphasis every evening at 16:00 by the service responsible specialist and assistants. The work done during the day is evaluated and patients are transferred to the guard. On-duty clinical assistant and on-call specialist are responsible for inpatient and outpatient patients.

Practices and Studies that will serve as an Example for Clinically Similar or Other Clinics

Consultation services are provided on the same day and by specialist doctors.



We provide dental services with 10 units and 7 dentists in our Mevki building.

Our services :

Our clinic provides services with 7 dentists, 2 oral and dental technicians and our assistant personnel.

One of our doctor is orthodontist and the other is prosthetic specialist. These doctors perform treatments related to their own branches.

Our polyclinic has a prosthetics and orthodontics laboratory. Here orthodontic appliances and prostheses are made by our dental technicians. In addition, prosthetics works are sent to the contracted private laboratory.

The services provided in our dental clinic :

-Oral and dental examination

-Tooth extraction

-Dental fillings (beam filling, Amalgam filling)

-Tooth cleaning

- Treatment of orthodontic anomalies such as tooth disarray, jaw  disorders

-Full, crown, bridge type different prosthetic treatment operations

-Periapical film shooting

- Taking a panoramic photos

-Required referral procedures