25 Şubat 2020

Work area : There are 8 patient rooms and 15 beds in our clinic. seven of these rooms have 2 beds and one is a negative pressure isolation room. One room is a single room.


Our clinic statistical analysis rates in 2018:

Number of Outpatient Clinics: 3 (Center Outpatient Clinic, Mevki  Outpatient Clinic, Adult Vaccination Outpatient Clinic): 25370

Daily Average Polyclinic Number of Patients: 114

Average Number of Patients per Specialist in Polyclinic: 13

Number of Inpatients: 330

Bed Occupancy Rate: 79.1%

Average Hospitalization Time: 13 days


Weighted Patient Profile: Chronic Hepatitis, Acute Hepatitis, Other soft tissue infections, especially Diabetic Foot Infections; Specific infectious diseases such as malaria, Brucella, surgical field infections; Meningitis, encephalitis, endocarditis, acute gastroenteritis, bloodstream infections, urinary infections, immune-suppressed host infections, Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, etc.

CLINICAL WORK FLOW TIME: Our polyclinics open at 08:00. Outpatient services are provided between 08:00 and 17:00. The examination of the patients is carried out by the attending doctor. The examinations requested by the specialist doctor are evaluated and hospitalization, consultation or home treatment is recommended according to the results. In addition, an assistant doctor is working in Dışkapı central polyclinic with a specialist doctor.

The hospitalized patient is hospitalized and sent to the service. Here, a file is prepared by the service secretary and the assistant who will follow the patient is given to the doctor. The assistant doctor prepares the patient and informs the clinician. The patient is examined by a specialist, and his follow-up and treatment is regulated. The treatment of the patient in accordance by the doctor is carried out by the nurses. When necessary, the vascular access is opened to the patient. Nurse preliminary assessment form is filled and the file is prepared. The examinations requested by the doctor are requested from the computer. The examinations are taken by the nurse and sent to the relevant laboratory. The drugs to be applied are requested by the doctor from the computer. Medicines are taken and administered by the nurse at the pharmacy.

The hours of the staff working in the clinic starts at 08.00. Each assistant doctor examines his patient before the visit every morning, and all patients are examined and evaluated by the senior assistant. If there is a new inpatient, it is prepared by the assistant doctor determined by the senior assistant. The drug organs of all patients are requested from the system before 09:00, the requests are made by the following doctor of each patient, and the written request is signed and given to the nurses. At 09:30, a service visit is made with the service responsible specialist. After the visit, the determined requests and examinations of each patient are followed by their responsible assistant. The service senior assistant and an assistant look at the consultations requested from the emergency together and consult the service responsible specialist and decide on their follow-up and treatment. An assistant doctor is appointed every month from the service laboratory. He starts working in the laboratory at 08:30 every morning under the supervision of a specialist responsible for the laboratory.

In the afternoon, the new inpatients and the patient procedures spoken in the morning visit are carried out. Literature studies related to the follow-up and treatment of patients are emphasized. Doctors of the intensive care consultant leave in the afternoon. Consultation requests from other clinics are answered by specialist physicians on duty throughout the day. In addition, a consultation service is provided to the Akyurt district health center .

The seminar time is on after Wednesday and Wednesday morning after finishing the visit. Every evening at 16:00, an evening visit is made by the service specialist and assistants. The work done during the day is evaluated and patients are transferred to the guard.Out of working hours there are on-duty clinical assistant and on-call specialist who are responsible.for the patient who was hospitalized  and emergency patients

In addition to  the doctor working ,everymonth  we have a laboratory technician who works continuously from the clinical laboratory,. The task of this technician is to meet the material requirement of the laboratory, to ensure its cleanliness and order, and to perform routine tests. It is the task of the technician to process the results of these tests and upload it to the system.

CLINICAL TRAINING PROGRAMS: In our clinic, a seminar is held between 11.00-12.00 on Wednesday and Friday every week during the training months (September-June). All assistants and specialists attend the seminars. Other assistant healthcare professionals are involved when relevant. In addition, the zoonosis trainings requested by the Ministry of Health are given to the entire hospital by our clinic experts. We participate as a speaker and listener in monthly scientific meetings prepared by expert associations such as KLIMIK and EKMUD. Every year, our clinical experts participate in academic activities such as speakers or chairmanship sessions at national congresses. Our clinic specialists take part as a regulator and speaker in certification programs such as Infection Control Nursing and Intensive Care Nursing.