25 Şubat 2020

In our clinic, physiotherapy and rehabilitation practices are carried out on the basis of evidence-based medicine, accompanied by international updated guides. An active role is ensured at every stage of rehabilitation, including the acute period. In this context, multi-disciplinary work is carried out with other clinics, after the intensive care process, patients are tried to be rehabilitated without long-term complications.

In order  to follow current medical developments with physicians and with the aim of being up to date with  the developments, Our clinic administrative and training officers, training officers, assistants and specialists work with  Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation branches belonging to FTR Specialist Physicians Association, the Turkish Medical Rehabilitation Authority Association, Turkey Rheumatism Research and Control Association, Spinal Cord Diseases Association is a member of the board of directors in TFTR Brain Injury and Hand Diseases Rehabilitation as  working groups.

In addition, our clinic doctors serve as speakers, international congress organizing committee, scientific committee member, scientific journal referee in national and international congresses.

Our assistant doctors are also encouraged to participate in domestic and international proficiency exams in order to grow with this awareness, and they participate in scientific meetings and congresses in order to support the training of assistant doctors.



In our clinic, there are 15 adults, 3 single and 3 single rooms for both physiotherapy and rehabilitation patients. Two of these rooms are used for pediatric patients and 2 rooms are used as intermediate intensive care for early neurological rehabilitation patients. It serves with a total of 33 beds.

For neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation in our clinic; isokinetic, CPM, FES, MOTOMET bicycles, treadmill, ultrasonography, fluidotherapy, reliever, pneumatic compression, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and other physical therapy agents are used. In addition, robotic rehabilitation applications are carried out in our clinic.

There is also a psychologist study area in the rehabilitation of neurocognitive and cognitive functions of patients hospitalized in our clinic. Urodynamics device is used in common with neurology for neurogenic bladder patients.

Within our clinic; An ultrasonography device, which is used as an ultrasound system in the musculoskeletal system, is available in patients followed up in the inpatient and outpatient clinics.

Inpatient follow-up and visits are carried out by training staff and assistant doctors rotationally.

In our clinic, a common cerebral palsy council is held every Friday with orthopedics and pediatric neurology.

Interventional procedures such as intra-articular, tendon sheath and painful injections are performed in our clinic every day of the week for patients who are referred from our outpatient polyclinics.


Outpatient treatment services : Service is provided between 08.30-16.30, 3 in Dışkapı central hospital, 5 in Mevki district polyclinic, 1 in Hasköy and Şentepe polyclinics. Our specialists work alternately in these polyclinics.

In the electrophysiology laboratory in Dışkapı Hospital.EMG services are provided every day of the week, and on monday afternoon it is for pediatric patients .


Rheumatology policlinic in Mevki building serves on  Monday , Wednesday and Friday.

Pain  policlinic at the Mevki policlinic on Mondays.

Osteoporosis outpatient clinic at the Mevki building Clinic on Tuesdays

 Pediatric rehabilitation outpatient clinic in Dışkapı clinic on Wednesdays

Spinal cord injury and brain injury policlinic at Dışkapı clinic on Mondays

Swallowing policlinic at Dışkapı Clinic on Mondays

Parkinson Disease outpatient clinic at Dışkapı clinic on Tuesdays

Spasticity outpatient clinic at Dışkapı Clinic on Monday and Tuesday

Shoulder outpatient clinic in Dışkapı clinic on Wednesdays

Lymphedema outpatient clinic at the Mevki policlinic on Thursdays

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon, clinical education officers serve in the Mevki policlinic health board.

Specialist doctors work alternately for consultation and home care services.