25 Şubat 2020

The establishment of our General Surgery department is in association with the Social Insurance Institution Ankara Hospital, which started to serve in 1964. By training nearly 200 specialist doctors since then, our country has had a significant contribution in closing the general surgeon gap. Although the name of the hospital has changed several times until today; Our department has renewed itself in every period and has succeeded in covering  all kinds of  our patients requirenments everytime by using the new tachnology .

In 2016, in accordance to the protocol signed between the University of Health Sciences and the Ministry of Health; Our department also works as a unit of SUAM (Health Practice and Research Center) affiliated to the Health Sciences University Faculty of Medicine. This status brought a separate dynamism to our department. Currently, we have a strong educational staff with 5 professors, 9 associate professors, 5 chiefs, and 31 specialist doctors experienced in their fields. By closing the Etlik District polyclinics, there was a contraction in the place we served; but we started again to serve in  Mevki additional service building in 2016, we have got a new bed unit, operating room, polyclinics and endoscopy unit.

In 2016, we had a 5-bed and 2nd Step "General Surgery Intensive Care Unit" in our department, independent of the 3rd Step "Surgical Intensive Care Unit". This situation relieved us in finding a place for our patients who need intensive care and accelerated the flow of services.

Our Training Staff and Specialist doctors work mainly on "Digestive System Surgery", "Hepatopancreatobiliary System Surgery" and "Breast - Endocrine Surgery". We have units separated by these names in our central polyclinic. Currently, 9 outpatient clinics are actively working, 4 in the center of Dışkapı, 3 in the mevki building, and one in each of  Hasköy and Pursaklar district health center.

We have a total of 46 beds located as 38 in Dışkapı Center, 8 in the Mevki building. We carry out our operations in 5 operating rooms in total, 4 in Dışkapı Main Building and 1 in mevki Building (four days a week). There is a general surgery specialist who will respond to all general surgery consultations requested at the hospital 24 hours a day, and a general surgery assistant who sees and evaluates patients who come from the emergency department and inform the consultant specialist doctor.

According to our data in 2017, a total of 100,035 patients were examined in our polyclinics,5%b of them were hospitalized, and 1% got daily operations in total 6623 surgeries  were performed, Regarding to the distribution within these operations, there are  875 from  A group, 1,816 B group, 2,183 C group operations, The rest is from D group and the group E is about daily operations.

Nowdays , our experienced teams are preforming Laparoscopic Colon - Rectum and Upper Digestive System Surgery, Laparoscopic Obesity Surgery, Live Donor and Kidney Transplantation from the Cadaver.

In our 2  endoscopy unit in Dışkapı and Mevki building, we perform endoscopy of the upper and lower gastrointestinal system and we take care to provide training to our assistants without graduating. We are in cooperation with our Anesthesia and Reanimation Clinic and we perform the necessary patients under deep sedo-analgesia (sleep). According to our data in  2017, we have reached 4450 upper and lower gastrointestinal system endoscopy, endoscopic biopsy, PEG (Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy), polypectomy, and stent placement in complicated cases.

We discuss  about our patients regularly with [Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases Clinic / Nuclear Medicine Clinic / ENT Clinic], [Medical Oncology / Radiation Oncology] and [Gastroenterology Clinic].

Polyclinic service is provided between 08:30 - 12:00 / 13: 00-16: 30, by specialist doctors. In our center polyclinics, general surgery assistants receive  training by specialist doctor. There are no patient restrictions in terms of number in our clinics, both patients with MHRS appointments and those who apply personally are cared for in an order.

On Wednesday, 15.30-16.30  and on Friday, 15.00-17.00 are our clinical training hours. During these hours, the lectures are taught by our instructors within the framework of the program which is previously determined, and case discussions, literature presentations, mortality and morbidity meetings are held with the participation of our assistants. Attention is paid to participate in scientific congresses within the frame of possibilities and without disrupting the service, and it is aimed to present what we do while presenting new developments in a paper. Our scientific studies are reflected in national and international publications; it also contributes to new academic staff.